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Lift Off Strength was born of a series of small mistakes. Watching trainers not greet newcomers at the door. Watching young coaches train their clients into a pulp.

Clients were working hard but unable to survive long under the rigors of “athletic” style CrossFit training. They needed an alternative.

We opened in 2014 in a small retail space next door to a massage parlor. We painted the wallpaper bright green, attached pull up bars to the walls, and started writing training plans that were based on science – making them unlike anything else available in Encino. Our clientele grew rapidly. The massage parlor next door was not thrilled…

A year later, we leased 3x the space. We added individual programming, post rehabilitative training, and began doing stuff that no one in the San Fernando Valley was doing. We taught athletes the 9 basic movement patterns. We taught them to prioritize their warm up over all else. We went from 2 trainers to four. We began doing trail runs, training for Spartan races, doing group hikes including Mt. Baldy. We did things different, shared it all with our members, and became a family.


We moved into the Body’s In Motion building – we needed more space, more parking – a better experience for our clients. We added lifting platforms, climbing ropes, 60 feet of turf, workshops on mindset, breathing, and meditation.

There’s always a way to improve. We don’t sit still, we simply grow together.

It’s not easy. We are a community of survivors – business owners, full time parents, single moms, weekend warriors. You won’t see treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, televisions, or juice bars at Lift Off Strength – because those won’t help you. You need fewer distractions – more presence during your training.

Above all, we are coaches and teachers. As a coaching organization we don’t waste effort, resources, or energy on things that won’t help our clients. But if it will, we will go full speed ahead. We seek out help, learn from the best, and bring it to you. And we are never scared to admit when we’re wrong. Above all else, that’s what it means to be a survivor. That’s Lift Off.

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