Open Gym Series: Hinge+Upper Push (Vol.1)

Moving beyond the theoretical this week, I want to give you something practical you can work with. In this first installment of “Open Gym”, we’ll look at the classic pairing of bend/hinge and upper body push in a programming format for you to use. Like any standard training session, we’ll begin with a warm-up and […]

Get Wrecked: The Folly of High Intensity

Nearly everyday on social media I see fitness celebs and trainers with countless followers posting to the effect of, “no pain, no gain”; “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”; “go hard or go home”, etc. Every week–Monday through Thursday to be exact–my 8 year-old and I head over to the local park for his Football […]

Motivation Manifesto

I need some motivation to get in the gym. Working out alone doesn’t really seem to motivate me that much. Last year I just wasn’t motivated enough, but this year… I hate (well, maybe love to hate) to break it to you, but motivation is a myth–something of a utopia we chase in vain that’s […]

The Case for Tempo Training

It would be hard to overstate the amount of ineffective, erratic and downright awkward movement I’ve seen over the years. Fortunately, there’s a solution for all this cringe-worthy–as my kids would say–gym behavior. In today’s article about tempo, your movement redemption, your fitness salvation, your exercise rebirth has, at long last, arrived. Tempo is simply […]

WTF is an Assessment?

Assessment sounds sorta clinical, sterile even. Maybe something like one of those long ass questionnaires you fill out for your first doctor visit. You know, the one that asks a bunch of vague health questions that no one actually follows up, and really just results in turning your 10 am appointment into an 10:45 or […]

Exercise Selection for the Masters Athlete

In the previous article “Weight Training For Masters”, I mentioned the importance of exercise selection for those who are 40 and over. Here, we’ll go into quite a bit more detail about pairing, supersets, complementary movements, and how each play a role in overall intent as it relates to masters. To get some terminology out […]

Abs For Real

Want washboard abs in just 30 days? How about a flat tummy in twenty? I could go on and on, but you’ve probably heard it all, and yes, it’s largely bullshit. In fact, getting the often marketed, yet ever-elusive abs of (insert professional athlete or entertainer with unlimited time and resources) usually has more to […]

MAP that Shit Out: Aerobic Training for Masters

Some call it cardio. Others call it conditioning. I call it MAP (Maximal Aerobic Power)–a term originated by OPEX Fitness. Terminology aside, let’s get into what it is and how it can benefit those within the masters age group. Generally, aerobic training is meant to enhance the body’s efficiency in getting oxygen to working muscles. Given that […]

4 Reasons You Gotta Keep Lifting Past the Age of 40

I’m over 40 now. Should I start lifting again? I haven’t lifted before, is it too late to start? As a fitness coach, I hear plenty of this, and as a 41 year old, I feel you. The short answer is an emphatic, hell yes!    Although there are numerous benefits to weight training into […]