If you’ve been injured before, you can understand the frustration that comes from being motivated to move, make a health change – but be unable to do so because of the “Doctors orders.”


And if you’ve been injured before, you’ve also felt the (crushing) uncertainty that comes with not knowing how long it will take for your injury to heal, what kinds of exercises you can do that WON’T exacerbate the injury, and so on.


Finally – if you have NOT been injured – that’s likely your greatest concern when looking into or participating in an exercise program.


And for good reason.


When it comes down to it, injuries are one of the most likely barriers to our reaching our health and fitness goals.


Which begs the question – why are injuries so common?


And why do they take so long to work through – even for seemingly minor things like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis – these aren’t broken bones, torn connective tissue – but they can often be harder to solve and keep us out of exercise for longer than the more acute variety of injuries.


In the videos attached to this post I will explain why injuries happen, how to understand your bodies healing process, and why certain forms of exercise might be considered “higher risk” than others.